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I am almighty and I sail the sea
my spirit is there where the lusty sirens meet
the wind is sometimes a friend to me
and sometimes it blows me like an old-known enemy
My compass doesn’t point to the north and west
it’s stuck in my chest and it drags me through my quest
I hold a map with no signs on it
And watch my traces unfold into the route that I seek
Come on over….. Hail to the Rover
I am my own captain and commander
I roam the sea and plunder
Death doesn’t scare me I feel his breath
stretching my arm and I can touch his forehead And all the treasures I find behind I leave
for I see nothing is worth to keep
Gold is as heavy as a ball and chain
Come on over
Come on Pirate of the Streets
Hail to the Rover
Their luring voices won’t tempt me in