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13 December 2014

LSD PRESENTS: M.A.T.E. live on 22nd of November in Thessaloniki (Localsuicide)

We are excited to present to you the live performance of a great band coming from Thessaloniki, M.A.t.E., aka Meetings Along the Edge, who were formed in November 2011 by Adam Siagas (live electronics) and Thomas Kostoulas (drums). Τhey started performing, occasionally with Hosian Rezai as an M.C., Periklis Vrachnos on violin, and Savvas Katirtzidis on the visuals, in various venues in Thessaloniki.Later, they collaborated with the visual artist Constantinos Nissidis (ShiftPlusSlash, Shift+/) in live performances in Thessaloniki and Athens.

In November 2012 they started recording their first album in their studio, working with Leonidas Beilis as a sound engineer. Participations on this recording include Giorgos Dousos (flute, clarinet), Paul Metsios (trumpet) and Periklis Vrachnos (violin). Maria-Elisavet Kotini (vocals) was introduced into the band in February 2013, during the recordings. Their self-titled album was mastered by Christos Megas and completed in November 2013. During the summer Stathis Karyotis joined them on the visuals and in December 2013 they presented their debut album as the current M.A.t.E. line-up.

M.A.t.E compositions are a unique meeting of analog and digital sound, where vocals synthesisers, samples and images dance along the beat of an acoustic drum set with electronic feel, based on the last decade’s dub, drum’n’bass, trip hop and dubstep sound. In their live performances, music fuses with the moving picture, dancing along rhythm and melody, creating live interactive stories.

Since 2012 they have performed at events and festivals in and out of Thessaloniki and as an opening act for Dub fx and Dub Pistols concerts.

We totally like them and we are inviting you to enjoy them live this Saturday 22/11/2014 at 8 BALL CLUB (groundfloor), where they are going to perform. The live performance starts at 00:00 and the entrance is 5 euros.